There are a number of ways to naturally increase your NO levels and here are a few tips and suggestions to help keep you in the KNOW

Heart-Healthy-Diet Superfoods

Savvy consumers are paying more attention to what they put into their bodies these days. That’s a smart move, because diet plays a larger role in heart health than most… Read More

29 November 2017

What Causes Heart Disease?

Despite all the attention it receives, cancer is not the leading cause of death in America. That dubious honor goes to cardiovascular disease (CVD). Heart disease remain the number one… Read More

27 November 2017

Do Beets Lower Blood Pressure?

Beets are among nature’s superfoods, for a number of reasons. For example, they’re a low-calorie source of healthful fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other good things. Among those “other good… Read More

22 November 2017

The Benefits of Beets for Your Brain

Plenty of foods get labeled “superfoods”. But beets deserve this reputation like few others. As noted in a recent issue of the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research: “Beetroot juice… Read More

20 November 2017

What Causes High Blood Pressure?

The precise cause of most cases of high blood pressure is seldom known. High blood pressure that cannot be directly attributed to any single cause is otherwise known as essential… Read More

26 October 2017

Nitric Oxide’s Role in Neuroinflammation

Neuroinflammation is the term doctors use to describe inflammation that occurs in the brain and nervous system. As in other parts of the body, inflammation in the brain signals underlying… Read More

24 October 2017

Spiralized Beet and Veggie Recipes

Have you tried spiralizing? As the name suggests, spiralizing is a fun way to turn vegetables into spiral ribbons of healthy goodness. With an Inspiralizer® device, you can turn a… Read More

19 October 2017
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